The Eastgate Square Redevelopment

IMAGE BELOW:  Map from the Centennial Neighbourhoods Secondary Plan that shows permitted building heights along the Queenston + Centennial Corridors in Ward 5.  Source: City of Hamilton, Centennial Neighbourhoods Secondary Plan

I also wrote a letter to the editor of the Stoney Creek News in response to a recent article, 'Stoney Creek's Lynda Lukasik's support for Eastgate Square development prompts criticism from other candidates', because this article misrepresented my position on the Eastgate Square redevelopment.  Read my response for an accurate explanation of my position on this important Ward 5 issue.  

Here is my letter:

RE: Stoney Creek’s Lynda Lukasik’s support for Eastgate Square development prompts criticism from other candidates

I’m writing to clarify my position regarding the Eastgate Square redevelopment.  This article incorrectly implies that I support mall owner Harrison Equity Partners’ proposal to build 37 and 42 storey towers on the site.   There is still a public planning process that must unfold and more details must be provided by the developer before I can take an informed position for or against this proposal.  

It is important to note that the previous Ward 5 councillor and Hamilton City Council approved a neighbourhood plan back in 2018 that permits redevelopment of the mall into a mixed use commercial and residential area with buildings up to 20 storeys high along Queenston Road and Centennial Parkway.   This plan also restricts development along the western and northern sides of the property – beside existing residential neighbourhoods – to 3 storey stacked townhomes.   That approved plan is now part of municipal planning regulations.     

The job of the next Ward 5 councillor will be to ensure the community benefits from this transformative redevelopment through improvements on site and in surrounding neighbourhoods.   Imagine new community amenities like a library, more green space, or measures to make streets like Centennial and Queenston safer and more pleasant for pedestrians!  Imagine including affordable and family-sized housing units in the redevelopment.  Imagine a redevelopment that enables area seniors to ‘age in place’ in accessible housing close to all the amenities they need.  Imagine the future, when access to LRT, bus, and GO Train service enables residents here to live car-free. 

It will also be the job of the next Ward 5 councillor and City Council to decide whether the developer’s quest for more growth on this site is appropriate.   This must involve listening to the issues and concerns raised by Ward 5 residents and allowing the proper municipal planning processes to unfold.  

Lynda Lukasik

Candidate for Ward 5 Councillor