Lynda's Campaign Platform

Lynda's vision for Ward 5 and the City of Hamilton is based on a number of core issues that focus on building a city with a high quality of life for everyone both now and in the future.   Her vision for Hamilton is rooted in a firm commitment to  equity, diversity and inclusion.  Hamilton must be a city where everyone is welcome and hate is not tolerated.  

Lynda's platform will continue to grow as she talks to Ward 5 residents over the coming months. 

Climate Ready & Environmentally Sustainable
Hamilton City Council declared a CLIMATE EMERGENCY in March of 2019.  Lynda and Environment Hamilton led the community push for this to happen.  She understands that the climate crisis is real and that municipal action is necessary to not only lessen but also to adapt to climate change impacts in our community. 

Lynda also knows all too well that Hamilton has a legacy of environmental challenges. Air pollution, contamination of our local creeks and Harbour as well as the destruction of important natural areas in our community, have taken a toll on our local environment and continue to require attention. 

Affordable & Healthy Housing
Like cities across North America and beyond, Hamilton is facing a serious housing affordability crisis.  Hamiltonians looking to rent or to buy a residential unit are facing record-breaking rental and purchase prices.  The problem is a complex one, tangled up with the troubling global trend of housing being used as a financial investment. 

Lynda believes affordable and healthy housing is a basic human right and changes in housing policies and approaches at all levels of government - including the local level - must be made to reflect this!   

Safe Streets for All

Hamilton's streets are not as friendly as they need to be - especially for pedestrians and cyclists.  Given the high number of injuries and fatalities on our roadways and sidewalks over recent months, there is an urgent need to address this problem.  No one should feel afraid to move in and around our city on foot, on a bike, or using a mobility device.

Lynda knows that Ward 5 streets could be safer for everyone.  More attention needs to be paid to safety for people walking and biking whether it's kids walking to school, seniors crossing Ward 5 streets, or cyclists commuting to and from work.  

Good Public Transit
Public transit that is frequent and reliable is public transit that people will use.   Lynda supports the City’s 10 Year Transit Strategy and recognizes the need to fully implement this plan.   She is also a supporter of the City’s east-west LRT line and understands that higher order transit like a fixed LRT line not only brings incredibly dependable public transit, but it also promotes smart urban growth management and local economic development. 


Quality Parks & Open Space
There are currently parts of Hamilton, including neighbourhoods in Ward 5, that do not have enough parks and open space.  As the city continues to grow, the need for more quality parks and open space will continue to grow too.  Lynda recognizes the critical need to ensure that existing parks and open spaces are protected and updated, and that the City continues to add more parkland and open spaces over time.  

Smart Urban Growth Management

Hamilton City Council voted to keep our urban boundary firm in November 2021.  This was done in response to a widespread community call to stop urban sprawl in order to protect prime farmland and rural areas.  Lynda was a part of the effort to mobilize the community and she continues to be committed to the effort to protect our precious local farmland and build smarter wtihin urban Hamilton.    

Responsible Government Spending
Responsible spending is rooted in wise decision-making.  An auditor's report revealed this year that the City of Hamilton has an infrastructure deficit of $3.6 billion dollars, the result of many years of failure to properly invest in maintaining that infrastructure, examples of which include roads and sewers. 

Lynda is committed to ensuring that our municipal tax dollars are invested wisely in our community. 

Active Community Engagement 
An elected representative must lead and they must listen.  Lynda will proactively reach out to Ward 5 community members to ask for input on key municipal issues and will be available to listen to residents.  She will also create opportunities for residents to come together to share issues, concerns, and ideas.